4 Qualities You Really Need In Your Law Firm Radio Advertising Campaign

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28 Jan 4 Qualities You Really Need In Your Law Firm Radio Advertising Campaign

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4 Qualities You Really Need In Your Law Firm Radio Advertising Campaign

When it comes to advertising, every aspect of your campaign is important. If you are performing marketing for your law firm, then a strategic campaign is even more important. In fact, there are 4 qualities that you really need to include in your law firm radio advertising campaign. Here is a helpful overview for you to refer to:

Increase perception as an expert by becoming a guest speaker on a radio show 

Launching a radio ad to drive more business to your law firm can be an extremely effective method. However, your campaign can be so much greater if you take it to the next level. One way to accomplish this goal is to actually become a guest speaker on a popular radio station. You can choose to answer questions in general about your law firm, or you can try a more specialized approach by speaking on a specific topic. Better yet, you could enable callers to contact the radio station and ask you law-related questions.

Place emphasis on your specialty 

When creating your radio advertisement, it is very important that you emphasize the type of law that you specialize in. This will prevent callers from calling your practice for assistance with issues that are outside your area of expertise. If you’re a real estate lawyer, then you don’t want your assistants wasting their time answering calls for individuals seeking counsel regarding child support or a similar family matter. In addition, emphasizing your specialty is a good way for those in your community to memorize your firm as one that specializes in a certain industry of the law. A perspective client might hear your radio ad on a daily basis, and then one day he or she needs representation in the type of law that you specialize in. This increases his or her chances of calling you for a consultation

Free consultation

While offering a free consultation is not necessary in order for your radio marketing campaign to be successful, if you do consult with perspective clients for free, then make sure you provide that information in your ad. It may seem trivial, but many perspective clients may like the option of meeting with possible attorneys before choosing one to retain. Not many people want to pay for every consultation, especially if they’re going to be consulting with three or more attorneys before making a choice. By stating that you provide a free initial appointment with possible clients, you could dramatically increase the amount of people that respond to your ads.

Speak to your target audience 

Even though your business isn’t in sales, you still need to identify and speak to your target audience. For instance, if you are an attorney who specializes in traffic law, then you are undoubtedly aware of the statistics regarding the average age of drunk drivers. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving,) 86% of drunk drivers are between the ages of 21 – 44, with a majority of them in the 21- 24 age range. Of course perspective clients could be any age, but if you target a specific age group, then you will increase your chances of achieving your goal.

If you’re trying to increase the client base at your law firm and you have decided to launch a radio campaign, then you have made a very wise choice. Unlike print ads, radio ads have the potential to bring a great deal of exposure to your law firm, therefore possibly increasing your business significantly. However, there are several critical factors that need to be included in your campaign in order for it to be truly successful. As long as you follow the tips provided in this guide, then your radio campaign should be a true success.


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