6 Proven Ways To Promote Your Business

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14 May 6 Proven Ways To Promote Your Business

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Finding the most reliable and profitable means of promoting a business can be difficult. You want to generate a positive return on investment, drive sales, and ensure that you have the resources to manage your marketing mix. By combining both online and offline marketing to create a universal marketing mix, you can ensure a diverse and burgeoning portfolio of new leads and prospective sales. Below are six proven methods to promote your business but there are many more, and being creative will help generate greater sales.

1 – Search Engine Optimization

According to comScore, nearly 6 billion searches are conducted every single day on Google alone, so if you aren’t attempting to attract some of this volume then you could be missing out in a big way. Optimize your site, develop links, and create a social media presence to help climb the rankings for targeted keywords.

2 – Social Media Marketing

Facebook alone has more than 1.25 billion members, which equates to more than 15% of the world’s population. While many users may not be active, it is fair to assume that your business could connect with a large group of active, relevant, and interested followers by establishing a regularly updated and genuinely beneficial Facebook page. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are some of the other popular social media sites worth considering adding to your mix.

3 – Email Marketing

Radicati Group estimates that 2.5 billion people around the world have email accounts, and delivering a targeted email message to the Inbox of interested readers can prove a highly effective means of building your pipeline. Ensure that you build a targeted list, avoid any techniques considered to be spam, and send high quality emails to enjoy the best results.

4 – Seminars, Events, And Exhibitions

Speaking at seminars, managing a trade exhibition booth, and handing out business cards and flyers at industry related events can improve brand recognition. The greater the recognition of your brand, the more likely potential clients will be to think of your business when they next require your service or product.

5 – Local Sponsorship

Local businesses can benefit from online marketing and trade shows, but one proven and effective way of drumming up local business is to sponsor a local event or a local team. Such events and teams tend to attract a fiercely loyal crowd, and by showing your support, you can convert supporters, fans, and local residents into potential leads for your business.

6 – TV And Radio Advertising

There’s no doubting the effectiveness of TV advertising, and by choosing the appropriate shows on the most appropriate channels, you can enjoy highly targeted results for your business. If you don’t have the kind of budget required for TV advertising, then consider that in December 2013, research group Nielsen showed that more than 90% of the US population listens to the radio at least once a week.

There are, of course, many other ways to promote your business, including direct mail, native advertising, and even skywriting. However, listed above are six proven ways to promote your business and establish an effective marketing mix.


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