Ad Sales Tip: Creating A Mothers-To-Be Club

16 Apr Ad Sales Tip: Creating A Mothers-To-Be Club

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America’s Best Marketing Reps,

Good Monday morning to you … I hope you have a very profitable week.

This Week’s Sales Tip:

There are four million babies born in the United States every year and 500,000 of them are born to teenage mothers. There are 500,000 babies born every day world wide and there are slightly more males born than females … That’s a lot of babies and a prime opportunity for your stations.

This overlooked segment of the population needs some attention so let’s start a Station Mothers-To-Be Club. When your audience members get the great news that they are expecting invite them to join your Station Mothers-To-Be Club. You can host a series of workshops once a quarter at a local Holiday Inn with a nice mix of speakers including Health Care Providers, Day Care Centers, Kids Clothing/Furniture Stores, Shower Party Planners, etc.

Dedicate some space on your stations website to post announcements and feature a photo gallery of all the new babies born sponsored by a local photography studio. Top off the program with a blast of Twitter and Facebook promotions and you’ll have a very nice Station Mothers-To-Be Club that will generate revenue for you 52 weeks a year. Oh baby … This is a great sales tip!

Jingle Of The Week … We just created a very cool jingle package for Healthy Performance in Pittsburgh, PA. Feel free to listen to this new jingle by clicking here or download it here and play it for a few of your toughest prospects.

Let me know if you’d like any additional jingle samples in any business category under the sun. I’ll shoot some jingles right back at you!

My 2014 Spring/Summer market visit schedule is filling up quickly but there’s still time to have me visit your stations. We can meet with current clients, tough prospects and clients that have dropped off the air. I can help you increase sales with a round of client jingle presentations. Are you interested?

Have a  great week!



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