Big Commissions In Pool Chemicals

15 Mar Big Commissions In Pool Chemicals

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There is big money to be scooped up this Spring in Pool Chemicals from some of the top names including BioGuard, HTH, Baquacil and Pace.

A few years back I met a distributor representation for HTH Pool Chemicals at our local home center. Our casual conversation turned interesting when I suggested that I could help him move more product with a local Radio promotion. I offered to broker some prime point of purchase display space with the hardware stores on my account list for some on-air mentions. Much to my surprise, he offered me $9,000 to promote HTH Super Socket for pool openings in the month of May. The promotion continued through June, July, August and September for a grand total of $45,000. Check out the radio spot by clicking here or download it here
Pool Chemicals are sold through Pool/Spa distributors also know as rack-jobbers. Ask your local Pool/Spa dealer to introduce you to their distributor rep and then offer a program that will help them increase sales. Remember the key to a successful NTR program is based on two factors … 1) Securing additional display space and 2) Moving more product with promotion! 
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