Business Coach service can make the difference

03 Nov Business Coach service can make the difference

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Here’s a common occurrence at your radio station:

You work very hard to get a client on the air and after the flight starts, you move on to new business and take your eye off your new account. We have a tendency to under service current accounts because of   time management issues, lack of creative ideas to share, or the thought of facing an early cancellation.  Consider offering complimentary “Business Coach” service to all new accounts …. Actually lay out all the “added value” you’ll be providing during their initial advertising schedule with your Business Coach service.

Include some or all of the following in your Business Coach service … create a branding slogan, conduct a thorough co-op analysis, arrange meetings with their key manufacturer/vendor reps, introduce them to your favorite web designer, produce an on-hold and after hours telephone message, explore all of their recruitment needs, discuss the importance for marketing Midnight to 6:00 AM, and don’t forget jingles. Every client on your list should have their very own musical image package to tie it all together with a catchy melody.

Over the course of their initial trial run, deliver all of the above to your clients. When it’s renewal time … How can they afford not to do business with their very own personal Business Coach?

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