Can We Use A Popular Song Or Melody in My Jingle?

14 Apr Can We Use A Popular Song Or Melody in My Jingle?

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One of the questions we get asked a lot is this: Can we use a popular song or melody in my jingle?

Helping yourself to someone else’s intellectual property is dangerous territory. You may hear other local business ripping a knockoff of 867-5309 Jenny Jenny in their jingle, but we think it’s a very bad idea for two reasons. 1) It’s morally wrong and 2) It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The best route is the original one when it comes to commercial jingles.  Think about what you’re trying to do when you use a jingle in your radio and TV commercials.  You’re trying to build or elevate your brand’s image and perception.  It’s important that that image is yours and not that of a one hit wonder from 3o years a go.

At American Music Concepts we use producers and musicians who have worked with legendary artists in the past. Artists like James Taylor, George Thorogood, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd and many more.

Our producers are among the most creative musicians in the world.  Plus they really know how to build a jingle that will perfectly meet your needs and make your business shine bright like a diamond.

You may have a personal favorite style of music, but you really need to consider what style of music will help reinforce that brand image for your business.  You may love the thump, thump, thump of today’s club music, but save that for your Saturday night dance party.  Let’s work together to build your jingle so that  you’ll get great ROI on your advertising dollars.

Our producers will do such a good job on your jingle that people will be tapping their foot, humming and singing along every time they hear it.  So forget about Jenny Jenny and focus on your business’ unique brand image.

Your commercial jingle will really make you stand out amongst the other commercials on the radio and TV.  Plus you’ll be more memorable to your prospective customers.   So contact us today to get started on your customized commercial jingle.

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