Can you sing my phone number in my jingle?

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16 Apr Can you sing my phone number in my jingle?

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Another question we are often asked is “Can you sing my phone number in my jingle?”

Phone numbers can be very, very effective in a jingle if done the right way.

Clients who generate 100% of their leads via the telephone have so much to gain from this technique.

Vanity phone numbers are great way to really ramp up the memorability for your jingle. They can usually be snatched for only $100 from your phone company. Plus they can be very catchy and memorable when sung in your commercial jingle.

Here’s how to see if you can get a vanity phone number that fits your business and would work well in your jingle. Write down some words that have to do with your business and start dialing. You’ll be surprised how fast a roofer can find a local 555-ROOF available in their market.

There are many creative ways you can go with the vanity phone number. Think about what makes your business special and go with that theme. A mattress store could go with 555-SLEEP. A sports bar could choose 555-BEER or 555-GAME ON. There are a million variations, you just need to spend few minutes thinking and get creative!

You can even make a regular phone number work in a jingle.

Our professional producers have done tons of jingles that make phone numbers super memorable. With over 10,000 jingles produced we have covered every situation under the sun and then some.

Contact us today and let us help make your phone number famous!

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