How to Create A Killer Law Firm Radio Ad In Just Minutes

Killer radio ad for your law firm

30 Jan How to Create A Killer Law Firm Radio Ad In Just Minutes

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How to Create A Killer Law Firm Radio Ad In Just Minutes

According to Entrepreneur magazine 228 million Americans listen to the radio. Where ever we go audio has become an integral part of communal areas. We listen to the radio in our cars on the way to work. Its sound floats out of the elevators at work and in the malls while we shop. Many restaurants play radio while we eat. The media has been a viable part of advertising budgets for small and large firms alike.

The Audience

Before pen goes to paper to write a killer radio ad you have to know your audience. Who do you want to hear the ad? Who is most likely to buy or need your service? Radio marketing has the ability to target audiences geographically, by lifestyle or by demographics. Radio marketing scales well from local needs to nationally to globally. It makes an ideal media to start with. Add in the fact that radio has different formats that attract different audiences lets a business person target the audience who is most likely to buy their service.

The Message

Radio advertising by its nature is short and intriguing. You have to catch an audience’s attention in seconds with just audio. What are the defining characteristics of your firm? What makes your business different from everyone else’s?  Strong personalities? The process of handling the cases given catches attention? Others in the business recommend your firm? Remember you want to catch an audience’s attention and offer information where they can call or email to get details. The whole point of the advertisement is to get someone in the audience intrigued enough to contact you. Determine what you want to emphasize with this ad and what way to contact.

The Means

Radio has been around long enough that tried and true formats with plenty of data about audience participation or response exist. Now you have the audience picked, and information you want highlighted for this ad. All you need now is the format. Looking at those two items what formats available cater to those two pieces of information. What emotion do you wish conveyed? Respect for what you do, a surprise that it could be different this time, or something memorable? What image do you want created in the audience’s mind? All you have for the ad is audio so the audience will create a visual in their mind of your firm. It is that visual that nudges them to call, visit or email your firm.

The Minutes

Once you know your audience, what message to convey and the means to do that then writing the ad only takes minutes. All that is left is concise word choices. You want to match words that have power and meaning to the audience that is hearing it. Different generations understand and give power to words in different ways. Say for example the word “fusion”. An older generation thinks of nuclear war. A couple of generations later it becomes music that is a jazz/rock mix. Around the year 2000 it becomes racial harmony. Now it is a car made by Ford. Pick words that give the meaning you intend for the audience you are targeting.

General Format for Starting

Experts like Mike Holmes recommend no clichés, do not start with the company name, give a person a reason to visit your establishment, and make the beginning and ending memorable. Two of the most recommended formats is humor or tell a story which weaves your company into it. Add a jingle so the information inputs into the audience’s memory and you have a commercial people talk about.


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