Gift With Purchase Programs are easy to set up and prospects love them

25 Aug Gift With Purchase Programs are easy to set up and prospects love them

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Let’s take a look at a concept that can help you close contracts with new accounts … Gift With Purchase Programs. GWPP’s are easy to set up and prospects love them.

Start by collecting incentives from your current accounts … You’ll need incentives with lots of value to the person getting them but literally no value to the person giving them. Free passes to a local waterpark, tickets to a minor league baseball team, and sneak peeks at a new movie premier are all good examples. We’re conditioned to turn these incentives into programming but let’s hang onto some of these for our GWPP’s.

Offer the 100 free passes to the local waterpark to a local bathing suit retailer in exchange for a paid 13 week marketing schedule this spring. Drive your listeners to the swimsuit store to make a purchase and pick up their free pass to the waterpark. A point of purchase display at the register in an acrylic counter stand is a very professional touch and you can put your stations logo on it, too.

An auto repair shop would jump at the chance to team up with the local baseball club … And what home theater dealer wouldn’t want to cross promote with a new major motion picture from Hollywood?

GWPP’s demonstrate your creativity and marketing savvy … while your competitors are hawking spots, you’re bringing interesting promotional opportunities to the marketplace.

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