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26 May Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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In today’s modern climate, marketing tips for small businesses always include using technology to their advantage. In decades past, the ideal marketing campaign would reach the widest possible audience in the most effective way possible. The idea was to climb to the proverbial rooftops and shout your message as loud as you could in the hopes that the right people would hear it. In this day and age, marketing tips for small businesses always include a few key elements, like a reliance on social media.

These days, individuals aren’t waiting until they get home from school or work to sit in front of a computer and use the Internet. They’re experiencing the Internet in small bursts all day long on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. As a result, small businesses need to adjust to those new usage habits. Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook already have built-in audiences of hundreds of millions of people. Thanks to the fact that they are also largely free, they have become an excellent way for small businesses to connect with their audiences.

A small business could sign up for a Twitter account, for example, and start paying attention to what customers are saying about them. They don’t just need to send messages that are obviously marketing tactics. They should be sending messages that add value to conversations that customers (both existing and potential) are already having. Doing so is a great way to connect with your audience in a natural way and it will also help improve a small business’ customer service across the board.

Another way that small businesses can connect with their audiences to pass along a marketing message has to do with the location based features that many social networks include. One of the things that you need to input when you create a Facebook profile for the first time is your location, for example. As a result, businesses can quickly use the social network to find people who have similar interests to the products and services that they sell who are actually in the physical area that the small business covers.

If you ran an electronics retail business, for example, you could quickly find people who were living in the area that you serve. You could then target advertisements on Facebook based on that location. Not only do you not have to spend more money than you need to blanket the widest possible audience, but you’re also targeting the best possible audience – people who are already likely to spend money on the product or service that you’re trying to sell.

Another excellent way to market towards a specific audience with small businesses has to do with targeting campaigns towards devices that people have with them on a regular basis. A huge number of people already have smartphones that they carry with them all day long, for example. These smartphones are capable of receiving both email and SMS text messages, so gearing your marketing towards these channels will guarantee that people are seeing your message as quickly as possible.


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