Offer Web Design Service To Your Clients

01 Feb Offer Web Design Service To Your Clients

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I meet hundreds of local direct business owners every month and Web Sites are a common topic. There are three scenarios: 1) Client Has A Web Site and loves it 2) Client Has A Web Site and is not happy with it or 3) Client does not have a Web Site but would love one.

There is great opportunity in building stronger relationships with your clients if you can help them with Web Site Design service. If you can’t do it yourself, you should have a Web Designer on your team that can cook up a great new site for your clients. The simplest Web Site will inspire your clients to market that Site on your Radio/TV Station. Add a few bells and whistles like electronic couponing and some audio … and your client will think you’re a genius.

Your local direct clients want and need this service … and you should be the one delivering the goods. If you don’t know where to turn for a great Web Site Designer, we have an excellent one on our team here at American Music Concepts … If you need our Web Designers name and number, please let me know.

Next week we’ll look at the power of adding video to your site.

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