Radio/TV’s Hottest Business Categories

15 Mar Radio/TV’s Hottest Business Categories

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There are three key categories for Radio/TV Sales in 2010 and it’s my pleasure to share them with you this week.

Heath Care continues to be the number one business category and it’s a wide open field … there for the taking. When you first approach Health Care think in terms of the body … Head to toe. Hair Replacement, Eye Care, Dental Firms, Audiology, Ear Nose & Throat, Snooring, Chiropractic Centers, Pain & Balance, Physical Rehab Centers, OBGYN’s, Neighborhood Doctor Centers, Hospitals, etc. You can make a great living … even become the top biller in your sales department by selling only to the Health Care industry.
Professionals are the second hottest business category … Law Firms, Financial Planners, Real Estate, Home Builders, Mortage Providers, Tax Accountants, Drug Testing Centers, etc. Professionals are into marketing and they are open to any ideas that will increase sales.
Home Repairs are third on the list … Roofers, Siding, Doors & Windows, Fence Companies, Painters, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbers, Swimming Pool Service, Storm Damage, Garage Doors, Landscapers, Lawn Care, etc. The Home Repair industry is very competitive and print oriented. When they hear from a rep in Radio/TV, they’re not only flattered but truly interested in electronic marketing. Play them a few jingles in their specific field and they will love your proposal.
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