Spin it to Win It!

27 Sep Spin it to Win It!

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Here’s one of the biggest money makers I’ve ever pulled off and I’ll lay it all out for you … I urge you to take this one and run with it … “Spin It To Win It 2010.”

I had a local carpenter billed an eight foot high spinning prize wheel. Don’t be cheap with your prize wheel … spend some money and get a real quality prize wheel built … You’ll be making money with your prize wheel for years to come.

I sold spots on my prize wheel to manufacturer reps to help promote products at Shop-Rite Supermarkets like Bachman Pretzels, Lubriderm Hand Lotion, Entenmann’s Baked Goods, Gatorade, Diet Pepsi, Listerine, etc. The concept was very simple … step up the big prize wheel, give it a spin and walk away with free grocery products. The manufacturer reps used trade marketing money to pay for their $1,500 monthly investment that included 1) Prime End Aisle Displays, 2) In Store Sampling and 3) On Air Product Promotion.

Spin It To Win It billed $15,000 per month and the promotion ran for several years. This project takes some effort but how many clients do you have that spend $180,000 per year? Feel free to contact me if you need some help launching your “Spin It To Win It 2010.” I have photos and the presentation proposal if you’d like a copy.

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