The Right And Left Theory

08 Oct The Right And Left Theory

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I had some fun last week telling my radio friends in Montana about “The Right And Left Theory.” “The Right And Left Theory” is a very powerful sales strategy and will triple your sales in the New Year if you stick with the program … Starting January 1, 2010.

Very simple … When you make calls call, visit the clients neighbor on the right and then stop in to meet the client to the left. Keep a stack of sales materials handy including business cards and a nice collection of station success stores. When you cold call on the neighbor to the right, drop off the materials and schedule an appointment with the person that owns the business. Do the same with the neighbor to the left … The strategy will instantly triple the number of prospects you see on a daily basis and will triple your sales for 2010.

There is no denying the logic … Your 33% closing ratio guarantees that you will triple your sales with this program. This works … give “The Right And Left Theory” a test run through the end of the year and it’ll be part of your daily routine by New Year’s Eve!

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