Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – February 15th 2018

15 Feb Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – February 15th 2018

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Welcome to Throw Back Thursday’s Bonus Jingle – 02/15/2018

Each Thursday we will take a trip down memory lane and delve into our fantastic catalog of jingles to share with you some of the great experiences we’ve had hand crafting these jingles through the years.

The Jingle: Dr. Daddio Dental

The Story: JJ Cioffi cracks me up. JJ is a stand up comedian and sold radio advertising for stations in Palm Springs, California. I’ve had tons of fun making sales calls with this guy over the years.

We were out visiting clients when JJ said “Look at the sign out front of that Dental Center.” The sign read Dr. Daddio Dental Center. JJ put the car in reverse and said, “This guy needs a jingle right now and I’m selling him one. Watch the Master at work.”

I told JJ he was crazy and he said “Crazy like a Fox!”

We walked in the lobby and Dr. Daddio was standing behind the counter. JJ told Dr. Daddio that my friend Jim creates catchy Radio/TV jingles and Dr. Daddio looked at me, then looked at JJ and said “OK. Sounds great. I’ll buy one.”

This jingle is 100% Voice Harmonies with no musical instruments. Dr. Daddio thinks this is the greatest jingle ever made!

Remember – Be Memorable

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