Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – January 25th 2018

25 Jan Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – January 25th 2018

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Welcome to Throw Back Thursday’s Bonus Jingle – 01/25/2018

Each Thursday we will take a trip down memory lane and delve into our fantastic catalog of jingles to share with you some of the great experiences we’ve had hand crafting these jingles through the years.

The Jingle: Centennial Mortgage

The Story: We were working on a jingle for Centennial Mortgage in our Los Angeles recording studio and who comes walking in? Gregg Rolie.   Gregg Rolie!  Lead singer for Santana! If you didn’t know, Gregg is the voice behind Evil Ways, Jingo, Soul Sacrifice and so many other great Santana Songs. He blew the crowd away at Woodstock and is a founding member of both Santana and Journey!  A two time Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Well guess where this is going… We asked Gregg if he’d like to sing on a jingle for a NJ Mortgage Company called Centennial Mortgage. Gregg smiled and said “Sure. Let’s do it.”
The rest is history.


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