Turning Client Knowledge Into Increased Sales

26 Jan Turning Client Knowledge Into Increased Sales

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Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about the clients on your list the better.

Do you use index cards, manila folders or electronic data base software to keep and store information on your accounts? Any system will work but the idea is to have a system and keep it current. Every little tidbit of information should be recorded and filed away. Birthdays, anniversaries, spouse names, children’s interests and your client’s hobbies including golfing, hunting and music are valuable opportunities to take your relationships to higher levels.

The next time you drop off two free concert tickets to a client try this … Leave the George Straight tickets at the station and deliver two tickets to Lady Gaga for your client’s 14 year old daughter and you’ll have a client for life. When your client least expects it, arrange dinner and a limo ride for their wedding anniversary. A subscription to Golf Digest will set you back $14.95 but is a very nice thank you gesture for your new 52 week order. People have passion for the oddest things like collecting frog statues, exotic empty beer bottles, Christmas ornaments, baseball cards … My thing is Frank Zappa. I love anything and everything about Frank Zappa.

I’m sure there are no reps in your sales department doing this let alone your market … It’s a very powerful sales concept and a valuable tipping point in establishing you as a class act that really cares.

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