Use the news to close your sales

22 Oct Use the news to close your sales

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Warren Potash was the President and CEO of The Radio Advertising Bureau from 1998 – 1991. I had the pleasure of  seeing Warren make his pro radio presentation several times and they were very convincing. Warren carried a folder of current newspaper articles that made his case that radio was the way to go and newspapers were a dying medium.

I carry my own folder that’s filled with current newspaper articles about the current economic conditions and it’s filling up with lots of great news … Time, History Are On The Side Of Market Bulls, Confidence And Optimism Grown In Pockets Of The USA, and Dow Hits 10,000; Can Rally Go On? are just a few of the  newspaper headline clippings I present to prospects to me make my case.

When a prospect tells you things are too slow to advertise, read them some of the articles from your folder. It will be a very convincing positive addition to your presentation. Start talking about the worst economic conditions since 1930 as old news … past tense. Things are getting better, very quickly and you’ll now have more ammunition to prove your case!

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