What Are Jingles And Do I Need One For My Commercial?

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10 Apr What Are Jingles And Do I Need One For My Commercial?

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I’m not talking about jingle ball, jingle bells or even jingle bell rock. I’m talking about jingles. You’ve heard jingles. You’ve tapped your foot to them and you’ve sung along with them.

Tell me you don’t hum along when you hear Subway’s jingle “Five Dollar Footlong”. I bet it’s stuck in your head right now.

Well that’s the power of a great jingle.

A jingle makes a commercial more memorable. It’s the power or rhythm and melody. It’s not just an unknown theory, it’s scientifically proven that music activates the brain in a number of ways.

One of the reasons music may be so powerful is that it activates the many areas of the brain including the area for emotions.

A recent brain imaging study found that music activated the auditory, motor and limbic (emotional) regions.

The study found that whether their participants were listening to the Beatles or Vivaldi, largely the same areas of the brain were active.

So basically, we as humans don’t really have a choice. It’s baked into our DNA to react deeply to any music, including the music in a jingle.

When something connects with us that deeply, it stays with us and that’s what makes a commercial with a jingle so much more powerful than a commercial without a jingle.

Think about the great jingles of the past. There are probably jingles from the 80’s, 70’s or even the 60’s that you could sing along with right now. That’s memorable!

A jingle will do that for your business’ commercial as well. People will remember your jingle and commercial and that will result in a higher advertising ROI for you.

The other thing you need to consider when advertising your business is how your commercial will be played on radio or TV. Think about it. Do you ever hear or see just one commercial at a time? No. You see or hear blocks of commercials.

You need to stand out in that block of commercials. A jingle will also help you stand out in the crowd of other advertisers. With a jingle you’ll be heard and remembered. That’s the perfect combination for any advertiser.

When you get a custom jingle made for your business, it helps reinforce your business’ identity. That’s why a jingle is sometimes called a musical identity.

So if you’ve got a barbecue rib joint, a nice twangy country style jingle can really reinforce that down home delicious barbecue flavor that you work so hard to produce.

Think about your business and what the image is that you’d like to project. You can do that very easily with a musical jingle.

Before you know it, your customers will be telling you how much they love your new jingle and how they can’t get it out of their head.



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