What Is The Radio Advertising Bureau?

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24 Jun What Is The Radio Advertising Bureau?

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The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) sets standards for the radio advertising industry and seeks to improve industry revenue. The organization’s website gives statistics on the radio industry and reasons to advertise. The RAB uses Kantar Media Ad$pender Online as a source for ranking advertisers. The organization offers a wealth of information for businesses interested in advertising on the radio, including data on advertising revenue.

Study on Effective Ads

A 2007 Gallup & Robinson study called “Engaging Emotions Through Effective Radio Ads” compared the emotional responses from individuals of radio versus television ads. The study, published on the Radio Advertising Bureau’s website, found that ads are most effective if they are created a certain way. Strong beginnings and emotional words are essential to have impact on the audience. The study also found that audio affects emotions more than visuals.

One of the key takeaways from the study was that multiple mentions of a brand within an ad have impact. These mentions must be strategically placed to resonate with the audience. Think about how effective a jingle can be within a commercial. The lyrics might simply be the brand name. Such a jingle can repeat several times within the same ad and create the sensation of hearing a hit song several times. With radio advertising you have to remember that message and repetition are the keys to an effective campaign.

Radio’s Effectiveness

Each week radio still reaches 92 percent of Persons 12+ in the United States, according to Nielsen Audio, published by the Radio Advertising Bureau. This weekly audience amounts to over 244 million Americans, who are year round customers. Radio also still reaches 94 percent of adults whose households earn $75,000 or more. This group listens to radio about two and a half hours per week. Advertising during afternoon drive reaches the biggest radio audience.

While competing choices to radio have grown over the years, radio still has the strongest reach and impact in terms of number of listeners and how often they listen. Radio advertising produces $6 in sales for every $1 in advertising. Frequent radio advertising helps create top of mind awareness.

Using RAB and Creativity

The key to constructing an effective radio ad is to combine the knowledge you learn from the Radio Advertising Bureau with creativity. Studying radio industry data on the site will give you a broader sense of what works and why big companies have continued to use radio advertising for decades. History shows that effective ads use attention-getting techniques, emotion and repetition. A commercial jingle combines each of these components.

Successful Advertising Campaigns

A commercial jingle has many advantages because it’s artistic and entertaining, which takes the mind off of its persuasive element. Like a logo, a jingle can become closely associated with a brand so that every time people hear the jingle they think of the brand. Ideally, they will hear the jingle enough times on the radio that the melody and lyrics will stay in their memory and they will sing it in the shower.

The song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” is proof that jingles can go a long way, especially if the message is strong enough. The jingle became not only a hit for Coca-Cola, it also started getting requests from radio listeners, which led to two different recordings being released that became national hits. Barry Manilow built a successful career recording commercial jingles before he had his first hit single. These days many TV commercials use songs that are already popular, but creating original jingles bypasses expensive royalties and allows for a closer connection with the brand.


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