How Will I Know If a Jingle is Right for Me?

24 Apr How Will I Know If a Jingle is Right for Me?

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Here are some more question we often get asked about jingles.

How will I know if the jingle you create will be the right one for my company?

The answer is “You’ll know.” Just listen to what’s coming from your heart. Ever hear of a women’s intuition? We all have the ability to make the right decision if we just listen to our hearts.

Our jingle producers are experts at crafting the perfect musical jingle for your radio and TV commercial. They have worked with some of the legend in the music industry and now are focused on creating jingles that get results for your business and send your advertising ROI through the roof.

Will you make two or three jingles so I have a few choices to pick from?

Making several options is cost prohibitive and really not the best strategy. The project could be become confusing if you have too many choices.

We find that staying with the proven successful plan of working on lyrics, music track and singers, and making sure that we work with you during the process definitely yields the best results.

We will happily change direction if needed and will work with you until you’re happy.

What if I don’t like my jingle?

Chances are you will like it very much but we want you to love it. We’ll make any changes or revisions you ask for and we’ll reassign your project to another producer if need be. Sometimes, all we need is a new producer on a project to make our clients satisfied.

Can we change my Producer if I am not happy?

If you are not happy with your current music producer, just say the word and we’ll reassign your project. We want to make sure that the team working on your project gels so that we get the very best jingle possible for your business.

Can you get a popular artist to sing my jingle?

National artists charge hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to do commercials. This just isn’t practical.

If you like a particular artist’s musical style, our producers can record your jingle with that style in mind. But we can always reach out to Bruce Springsteen for you to see if he’ll record your jingle if your heart is set on it and you’ve got a few million dollars to spare.

Should we have three styles of jingles including Rock, Country and Dance?

As much as we would love to sell you three jingles, we would strongly suggest otherwise. Let’s create one crossover style jingle that will work on all formats and appeal to most demo’s.

It’s really best to keep your commercials and your advertising focused so that you project a single and unique positioning for your business. That’s the way to really get the most out of your advertising dollars.

In order to get the best possible jingle for your business, contact American Music Concepts for a free jingle quote today.


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