Serving Up A Great Restaurant Advertising Promotion


30 Apr Serving Up A Great Restaurant Advertising Promotion

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This Week’s Advertising Sales Tip:

Here’s a tasty idea to help you sign up some new local Restaurants for advertising in 2014. The third Tuesday of each month you hold a fund-raiser for a charity at a local restaurant.

Promote the restaurant for 21 days with a heavy frequency radio advertising schedule and then do your best to pack the joint on what would normally be a slow restaurant night. The restaurant donates 10% of the proceeds to a needy cause like a local Food Bank or Homeless Shelter. That’s it … It really could not be easier.

You can ramp up the promotion for better results with celebrity waiters like station personalities and local politicians … Bring tons of CD’s, concert tickets and movie passes. Broadcast live and invite the diners to rave about the Restaurant during breaks. Encourage everyone to check in on FourSquare, The hottest social networking app for Restaurants. Finally, remind the waiters and waitresses to “sell those deserts.”

This is an opportunity to sign up 12 new locally owned Restaurants in your home town … It’s great idea and another awesome money making sales concept to start your week!

Jingle Of The Week … Here’s a new jingle client from New Jersey … Rockin’ Joes.. Feel free to listen to this new jingle by clicking here or download it here and play it for a few of your toughest prospects. Let me know if you’d like any additional jingle samples in any business category under the sun. I’ll shoot some jingles right back at you!

My Summer and Fall market visit schedule is filling up quickly but there’s still time to have me visit your stations. We can meet with current clients, tough prospects and clients that have dropped off the air. I can help you increase sales with a round of client jingle presentations. Are you interested?

Have a great week!



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