Three station features to help you increase sales

17 Dec Three station features to help you increase sales

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Every morning show should have a fixed position comedy clip feature with a 52 week sponsor. Your listeners will plan their mornings around your comedy clips and there’s an endless supply of great material from classic comedians like George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy … And the current crop of crazies like Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Gaffigan and Eric Andre. Your hometown Comedy Club would love to sponsor this feature but it would work just as well for Furniture Stores, Jewelers or any other prospects on your list.

Your fixed position noontime slot can feature a movie review called the Lunchtime Dinner & A Movie Review. There’s lots of material here too from first run movies to HBO and the latest DVD Releases. Selling a Restaurant or Home Theater Dealer on this feature is a slam dunk … every night is a great night for Dinner & A Movie.

Every afternoon drive time show should have a stock market report recapping the days events from Wall Street. A quick PM report on the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S & P 500 is all it would take to close a 52 week order from your local Bank, Credit Union, Mortgage Company or Financial Planner.

Three simple ideas that can help you close some 52 week advertisers in 2010. If you have multiple stations in your cluster, the potential in new business with these features is even greater.

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