3 Missteps You Must Never Make In Your Radio Advertising Campaign

Radio Advertising Campaign

16 Jul 3 Missteps You Must Never Make In Your Radio Advertising Campaign

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3 Missteps You Must Never Make In Your Radio Advertising Campaign

Radio advertising is a great way to promote your local business. You have the benefit of being able to focus your campaign on your local region and your target audience. These two benefits will make your advertising campaign very effective.

But there are some missteps that you definitely want to avoid if you want a successful radio ad campaign.

Misstep 1: Failure To Differentiate

When you are running a radio advertising campaign you really need to differentiate your business. Not only from the other businesses in the same category but from all the other advertisers on the radio.

Sounds like a big mountain to overcome, but fear not, I have some answers for you.

You can focus your business’ positioning. Even though you are running commercials on the radio and you want to reach as many people as possible, your advertising campaign will be much more effective if you focus it and target a group of potential customers.

Targeted ad campaigns get better response because you talk more directly to people and address their specific needs.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a pizza parlor. You’d probably think that your target is everyone, because everyone loves pizza. However, what if you target working parents?

You can gear your commercials to talking about how your pizza parlor can solve a big problem for working parents. That problem is finding time in your busy schedule to get a dinner for the kids that the kids will love.

You could offer working parents a special “pick up fast lane” that you could promote in your commercial or even offer a free bottle of soda to go with the pizza as a special busy parents offer.

Get creative and you can really move the needle with your radio ad campaign.

Misstep 2: Failure To Be Memorable

What if you ran an advertising campaign on the radio and no one remembered your commercial?

When your commercial runs on the radio it will be in a block with several other commercials. So how do you stand out so that the people who hear your commercial remember it and come to your business?

There are several ways to do this. Some are easy and some are hard.

You could try to be funny in your commercial. This can work really well if you are successful. Unfortunately, often what you find is that funny doesn’t translate well to many people. After all you’re not a professional comedian, you are an expert at your business.

The best way to make sure that you have a memorable commercial is get a professional radio jingle produced. A professional jingle company uses producers and musicians who write and produce jingles for a living.

They will work with you to define how you want your business presented and will bring that positioning to life in music.

Studies have shown that music activates areas of the brain that activate and enhance memory. So a jingle will definitely make your commercial more memorable.

A jingle also makes your commercial, and thereby your business, seem more professional. It really increases the trust and perception that people will have in your business.

Misstep 3: Offending The Audience

Just as you want your business to stay in the relative middle of the road with your customers, you should do the same with your commercials.

Don’t get outrageous thinking that will get you attention. If you make part of your potential audience angry, they will never become customers.

Stay away from politics, religion and other touchy subjects. Focus on the benefits to your customers that your business delivers and the problems that your business solves for your customers.

You can definitely mention your involvement in the local community in your commercials. People love local, especially in these days of super mega stores like Walmart and Dominoes. Take advantage of that and reinforce the localness of your business.

You can mention local charity events and other local things that you are involved with and position yourself as a participating of the local region.

Your radio advertising campaign can be very successful if you simply avoid these three missteps. You can ensure your campaign will have a very high ROI and will drive people to your location. Simply take the time to make it special and you will be rewarded.

Get a huge ROI on your radio advertising

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