Offer two out of three – you can’t lose

25 Aug Offer two out of three – you can’t lose

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Charlie Cohn of Hawaii shared a great negotiating tip with me recently and it’s my pleasure to pass it on to you …. this is the best negotiating concept you’ll ever hear.

Charlie sums up each proposal with three factors 1) Days 2) Dayparts and 3) Rates. When push comes to shove, tell your clients they can pick two out of three. If they choose Days and Dayparts … you dictate the rate. If they choose Days and Rates … you pick the Daypart. If they choose Dayparts and Rates … you make the decision what days they’ll air commercials.

It’s very, very powerful. You can’t lose when you offer tough negotiators two out of three … you’ll have the upper hand on every proposal. Next time some wise guy buyer tells you “your rates are too high”, hit them with “Days, Dayparts and Rates.” It’s a fun exercise in sales meetings and it’s magical with tough buyers.

Call if you’d like to challenge me with Days, Dayparts and Rates. You be the wise guy buyer and I’ll be the Radio/TV rep. I’m standing buy if you’d like to try it.

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