8 Myths About Radio Advertising – DEBUNKED!

Radio advertising myths

18 Jul 8 Myths About Radio Advertising – DEBUNKED!

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8 Myths About Radio Advertising – DEBUNKED!

There are quite a few myths about radio and radio advertising floating around these days. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Radio remains one of the most engaging media and a great place to advertise your business.

Check out this list of myths and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

Here are 8 myths about radio advertising and the reasons why they aren’t true.

1) No one listens to the radio anymore – Recent studies have shown that Over 90% of all American’s listen to radio each week. That’s over 243 million people.

2) Young people don’t listen to the radio because they’re too busy on their phones and social media – 94% of all Millennials, over 65 million people, ages 18-34 listen to radio weekly. Their favorite formats are Country, Pop Contemporary and Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio.

3) Radio advertising is too expensive – Radio advertising is unbelievably affordable when it comes to local advertising. Consider the number of people you’ll reach and how engaged they are with the content and the commercials. You’ll see reach like you’ve never seen before with a well-crafted radio advertising campaign.

4) Radio advertising can’t be targeted – Nonsense! Start by choosing a station that reaches your target demographic. Then create an ad that targets even further with its content. Here’s an article that shows a great example of targeting a radio advertising campaign.

5) Radio advertising results can’t be tracked – Any advertising campaign can be tracked. The key is to focus your advertising campaign and focus it so that you can track it. If you are focusing on a certain target audience, like working parents for example, you can create a promotion just for that group and see how much business you do directly from that promotion.

6) It’s impossible to stand out amongst all the other ads on the radio – This is possible, but this one requires work from you. You have to work to make your commercial memorable. A great way to do this is make your commercial stand out with a musical jingle. A jingle can be custom produced for your business. After you hear people singing along with your catchy new jingle, you’ll realize how wrong this myth is.

7) Radio advertising has low ROI – Nielsen recently released a report that says radio advertising returns an average of $6 in sales for every dollar spent. Some retailers actually showed a return of $23 for every dollar spent. That’s a huge number and completely debunks this myth.

8) You can do your advertising for “free” on the internet so you don’t need radio advertising – Social media sites are free to use. Yes that is true. But in order to use social media effectively for marketing you need to generate content, post regularly across multiple sites and interact with users.

Plus with social media, you’re at the whim of the social companies. When facebook makes a change to how posts are displayed to users, you just have to accept it.

Running a successful social media campaign requires a full time employee or hiring an agency to manage it for you.

Free usually turns out to be very expensive.

Overall, radio advertising remains one of the most engaging advertising solutions for small businesses. It’s tried and true and people still listen in enormous numbers. You can’t go wrong with radio advertising.
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