How to Add a Spark to Small Business Marketing Strategies


22 May How to Add a Spark to Small Business Marketing Strategies

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Given the competitive nature of advertising, small businesses have to keep their focus on developing their customer-base and outperforming competitors. Marketing strategies are a major weapon in the battle for customers, and having the right promotional materials can win-over prospective customers. Adding a jingle to your traditional or digital marketing campaigns can spark interest in your brand, while increasing your leads, conversions and sales.

Traditional Radio

As of 2014, terrestrial radio is still a viable option for advertising your products and services, and adding a jingle to your on-air spots can enhance your advertisements’ appeal. Jingles have been added to radio commercials and TV commercials for decades with resounding effect. They typically carry a catchy tune, which can stay in the minds of clients and prospective customers for days and weeks after they hear them. Radio is a favorite medium for communication and entertainment during morning and afternoon commutes, making it the ideal way to communicate with clients. Traditional radio is just one of the potential places to add a spark to your marketing efforts.

Online Radio

Online radio can give your business a reach unlike any other marketing medium, making it important to have the right content strategy for optimal results. Adding a jingle to advertisements for online radio shows, which can be shared via Facebook posts or Twitter feeds after their initial broadcast, can enhance the effectiveness of your commercials and spread them all over the world. Jingles are especially easy to pass-along to friends and family because they are catchy and memorable. The use of online ads will continue to grow as digital content becomes more common. Jingles can set your brand and company apart from an entire world of companies.

Social Media Ads

If you have YouTube ads that feature a jingle, your company’s products or services are more likely to stick in the minds of your clients. You are also more likely to see an increase in leads through your marketing channels, because memorable ads lead to greater interest in a company’s brands. Streaming video with jingles can catch Internet surfers’ attention and cause them to increase traffic to your site, making your internet marketing and lead generation efforts more effective.

Promotional Materials

Adding a jingle to brochures, flyers and business communications can catch prospective customers’ attention. This makes it important to have the right business partners in place to create both quality print ads and collateral, plus have a company that specializes in creating jingles. Jingles need to be placed in the right spot on your collateral; otherwise your content will lack effectiveness. Whether you are creating ads for print or radio, you need have the right content. Otherwise, your audience will fail to take notice of your message and brand.

The power of a well-crafted jingle can attract customers unlike any other marketing medium can. Add a spark to your small business marketing strategies by incorporating a jingle, and watch your conversions spike in the process.


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