How to Advertise Your Business with 10 Proven Methods

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15 May How to Advertise Your Business with 10 Proven Methods

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Since products don’t sell themselves, your business obviously will not advertise itself. Instead, you must promote and learn how to advertise your business. While there are volumes of books written on how to advertise your business, the following quick 10 proven methods will have you well on your way.

Company Website

Unfortunately, several business believe a website is only beneficial if they sell products on the web. However, when you are considering how to advertise your business, you should start with your website. Since a staggering number of consumers begin their purchase through online search engines, it’s imperative your company website is at least present.


Search Engine Optimization

In today’s digital world, it is no longer sufficient to simply have a website. You must do everything possible to make your website highly visible to potential consumers.One of the most effective ways of achieving superior visibility is with SEO. SEO includes the marketing tactics designed to push your business’s website to the top of a search engine results page (SERP). While many business owners fail to have the savvy or time to successfully run a SEO campaign, SEO firms specialize in helping your business become much more noticeable.


Social Media

Simply put, almost everyone is on social media. When you are considering how to advertise your business, you need not look any further than the billions of consumers on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can build your brand with those most interested in your industry through social media.


Offer Consumers What They Want

The best way to learn how to advertise your business is to stop thinking about how to advertise your business. Instead, you should consider what consumers are searching for, which is information. Instead of using your blog to sell your products, you should create highly informative blogs filled with information your target audience desires.


Create a Press Release

A press release is an excellent way to inform the public about a newsworthy topic concerning your business. When you create the press release, you do so with hopes of it being picked up on a major news publication. In addition, since it is news, Google News and other search engine outlets will index the release.


Create a Newsletter

Killing two birds with one stone, a newsletter will help you reach new audiences while staying in touch with your current customers. However, instead of sending advertisements to your customers, the newsletter should contain helpful and useful information.


Send Postcards

Postcards are relatively cheap and still an effective way to promote your business. In addition, postcards will generally get you a great response. Make sure your post cards are offering the customer a discount or offer to prevent it from getting thrown in with junk mail.


Subscribe to Industry Publications

When you are considering how to advertise your business, you should always subscribe to key industry publications. Then you should pay attention to opportunities to have your business mentioned for free in these periodicals.


Word of Mouth

Undoubtedly, the best way to advertise your business is with a satisfied customer. While you can always patiently wait for your customers to tell their friends, you can always offer them an incentive or a referral bonus. By using word-of-mouth advertising you will quickly build rapport and build brand recognition.


Cross Promotion

Some of the largest companies in the United States partner everyday because its an excellent way to reach new audiences. In addition, you severe the advertising costs simultaneously. However, it’s important to partner with a business related to your line of business.


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