The Benefits of a Small Business Association

19 Jun The Benefits of a Small Business Association

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Many people mistakenly believe that large corporations drive the U.S. economy. However, small businesses, which have created more than 65% of net new jobs over the last two decades, form the foundation of the nation’s economy, according to Forbes. The Small Business Administration defines a small business as any company with 500 or less employees.  More than 28 million small businesses—22 million are self-employed individuals (no payroll).

These companies make up of 50% of total businesses and employ 120 million people—private sector and non-farm jobs.

The Mission of Small Business Associations

Many small business associations consist of a partnership between private enterprise government, educational institutions, professionals and other local nonprofit organizations.  Associations have the primary objective of helping existing businesses to grow locally, expand into new markets and remain competitive in an increasingly complex and evolving global marketplace.

In addition, they work with entrepreneurs and start-ups to assist them in realizing the dream of owning a business.

 Many business owners join business associations for any number of reasons, including:

  • Profiles of owner/company
  • Sales and Marketing  tips
  • Local business advice
  • Membership directory
  • Networking opportunities
  • Expert referrals

Small business associations advocate for small business—helping them to grow, stay viable and remain competitive, especially in an environment that increasingly favors large corporations.

Other Benefits of Membership

Many business owners may question wonder why they should join business organization especially if the blog to their local Chamber of Commerce or some other groups. There is variety of reasons why you should consider the sites forming a local business coalition because these organizations can offer you an array of unique opportunities and resources to support your efforts to grow your business.

Here are some other reasons membership in a small business association can return dividends to your enterprise:

Offers a Collective Voice for Small Business Owners: With increasing with global corporations and national corporations becoming increasingly stronger, it helps small business owners to look out for their efforts by standing together. Join in a small business Association ensures that you have an advocate for your business and your voice. The small business association does all the work while you continue to focus on your operations.

Direct Local Consumers to Your Business: Whether attending city and community festivals, talking to the media or speaking to consumers, the staff at small business associations are in constant contact with consumers. Therefore, they are in a prime position to extol the importance of these companies to local communities and the need to support them. Many of these consumers find your business and become paying customers for your products or services through the association’s outreach via website, social media or other outlet.

Provides Your Business Credibility: Many communities have a “support-your-local business” movement to reach more people, and consumers are actively seeking out local companies to spend their disposable income. When a potential customer find your business,listed in the association’s directory, or view a membership decal on your storefront, they will immediately know that they are supporting an association member.

Access to Opportunities and Resources: Membership in a small business association provides you exposure to other businesses coalitions and organizations that can help your business succeed. For example, you can learn about educational seminars covering a variety of topics, including business financing, alternative funding, inbound and outbound marketing, harnessing social media, etc.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners should schedule a time to go to their small business association to learn more about the organization and how they can help their enterprise gain more exposure, create jobs and contribute to the growth of the local economy.


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