What Is Effective Radio Advertising, Really?

What Is effective radio advertising

05 Mar What Is Effective Radio Advertising, Really?

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The key to getting results from your radio advertising is to make sure it is effective radio advertising. What really makes a radio ad effective? This depends not only on the actual audio commercial you have produced; it also is determined in part by other related factors.

Quality of production, choice of wording, time of airing, the quantity of ads you place in a schedule, and your choice of radio stations also enter into your quest for success. Here are 10 tips for successful radio advertising to use as you create your next radio ad campaign:

  1. Reaching your target audience is the most important goal of radio advertising. To accomplish this, you need to determine who you want to reach and which stations of choice deliver that audience. Look closely at audience numbers by day part and also for special programming.
  2. Creation of a memorable ad is your next project. You want your ad to immediately draw attention, but not offend your audience. A huge noise may gain attention, but also turn off the listener. Design an ad that fits the station’s theme, so your ad fits in naturally. Don’t put a rap ad on an easy listening station. If the station is all sports or news, using a jingle or other musical background is a good way to non-verbally let listeners know that this bit of information is different from the regular program content.
  3. A jingle or sound logo adds instant recognition to your brand, service or company. Be consistent and remember to use the same audio in your other advertising, on television or in your store.
  4. Keep it short and simple. You may only have 15 or 30 seconds to make your point. Stay on target by focusing on your main point. Remember that radio ads should motivate your target audience to take further action. It will not actually sell anything, but it should definitely motivate your listener to become interested enough to take action. You want them to call or visit your company, look for your product and want to try it.
  5. Be identifiable – make sure your ad communicates what company/product is being advertised. Don’t let the product or service get lost in ad cuteness. A jingle provides instant recognition of your company/product during your ad campaign. Use easy to remember words, but keep everything short and sweet. All of your ads, including jingles, should be consistent, well written and produced, not amateur. Every second counts!
  6. Saturation – purchase enough ads in a concise schedule. One ad a day will not do the trick! Consult with your station sales rep about the various ad packages the station offers. You want a high frequency and short term ad campaign, not a large but weak and spread out ad schedule.
  7. Place your advertising schedule at the times when your intended audience is most likely to make or want to make purchases. For example, if your product traditionally sells best on a Monday, run your ads on Sunday/Monday rather than on Tuesday.
  8. Consider sponsorship of special programming to reach a targeted audience. This can be more effective than a broad schedule of commercials. Usually with a sponsorship, you get additional short show opening and closing mentions in addition to commercials within the program.
  9. Be ready for response. Always have a call to action and be ready to serve your new customers. Have enough products available to meet expected demand. If weather or other circumstances interfere somehow with response, do a second blitz to move your inventory.
  10. Check the results of your ad campaign to measure results. Use what works best over again to create higher recognition.

Incorporating a jingle or using a jingle package with your radio advertising is an excellent way to increase the impact of your ads. Your jingles provide an instant audio cue which, over time, helps communicate recognition of your company/product and sponsorship without using up words that are at a premium. Your jingle accomplishes many of the above goals for you, and becomes a way to instantly let listeners know they are about to hear from you!


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