Give your billing a quick blast

15 Aug Give your billing a quick blast

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A common request for The Jingle Of The Week is an idea that can give your billing a quick blast … a promotion that can launch your stats to the top of the department … instantly. The quickest way to out sell your fellow AE’s is to create a dealer group (organizing multiple businesses in the same category into a market wide sales promotion.)

Let’s a take a look at one of my favorite subjects … Pizza! Every town in America has multiple Pizza Parlors. I organized a two county region of Pizza Parlors by nominating “The Best Pizza In Town” for every small town at The Jersey Shore.

I asked each Pizza Parlor to spend $750 each to promote, October … National Pizza Month. $750 x 42 Pizza Parlors added up to $31,500 in new business for my station and made me the top seller for the month.The clients were included in a series of rotating commercials declaring them “The Best Pizza In Town.” I created award certificates in acrylic stands as point of purchase displays and gave away hundreds of pizzas throughout the month. It’s a very easy promotion to do and results were just yummy!

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