Keeping a Prospect Journal is smart and pays off in a big way

20 Aug Keeping a Prospect Journal is smart and pays off in a big way

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Keeping a “Prospect Journal” is smart and pays off in a big way. Prospects are everywhere and they’re getting easier to find. There are prospects screaming for attention 24 hours a day … Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards and the internet offer an endless supply of qualified leads.

Prospecting for new business is an art form that needs a game plan and discipline. Your prospecting strategy is your roadmap to generating your income and it deserves more energy than any other aspect of sales. A consistent flow of qualified leads at your disposal makes selling profitable and fun.

Head to your local office supply store and invest in a journal book to help you organize your leads. Log in names, contacts, email addresses … even birthday’s and anniversaries whenever possible. Log in your activities including needs analysis info, spec spots, proposals, etc.

Keeping a “Prospect Journal” is a concept utilized by Radio and TV’s top billers. Log in your leads from prospecting to contracts and your closing ratio comes into sharp view. When you log in your sales activity into a journal, you’ll see that generating leads is the fundamental key to increasing sales. Your sales diary will pay big dividends as the story builds from month to month.

Do yourself a favor and start your “Prospect Journal” today!

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