Odwalla – Your Next Big Client

15 Mar Odwalla – Your Next Big Client

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Odwalla Fruit Juice is on the move in all 50 states and they are looking for your help. Significant marketing money is now in the hands of local distributors to promote the Ultra-Endurance Race Across America, Bonnarro Music & Arts Festival and most recently their new program, State Parks Across The Nation For A Greener Future … Planting trees in State Parks all over the USA.

Any program you can come up with that has to do with planting trees will interest the people at Odwalla. They will pay to get in front of large crowds like your County Fair, local sporting events, parades, concerts, etc. Odwalla is a perfect promotional partner for giveaways and/or couponing programs, too. Remember that to tap into NTR dollars make sure you focus on the needs of Odwalla …. and what they want is 1) increased sales 2) prime display space or 3) programs tied to planting trees.
Here’s one more idea to help your local Odwalla distributor increase sales and score a nice big “juicy” order for yourself. Odwalla is a Coca-Cola product so I’m sure you already have a relationship in place. Offer to help promote Odwalla in your local market with a very simple gift-with-purchase program … Buy six or more bottles of Odwalla Fruit Juice, mail in the proof of purchase and your radio station will send back two free tickets to your local State Park … they will love this one.
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Local grocery stores are always looking for ways to ride on the coattails of NTR programs like this and I’m sure they’d be willing to stock up extra Odwalla product with an end isle display for lots of free on air mentions this Summer … Best of luck. Go get ’em!
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