INFOGRAPHIC: Radio Advertising Helps Business Engage With Consumers

Radio Advertising Works for Business

27 May INFOGRAPHIC: Radio Advertising Helps Business Engage With Consumers

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Recent studies have shown that even with today’s fragmentation of media and attention, radio advertising continues to help businesses engage with consumers.

Neilsen recently released a report that says radio advertising returns an average of $6 in sales for every dollar spent. Some retailers actually showed a return of $23 for every dollar spent.

Radio’s audience continues to be enormous. Over 90% of all American’s listen to radio each week. That’s over 243 million people.

But the truly surprising number is the number of young people that listen to the radio today. You’d expect that might no longer be true with the explosion of online time and the omnipresence of the smart phone with today’s youngsters.

But 94% of all Millennials, over 65 million people, ages 18-34 listen to radio weekly. Their favorite formats are Country, Pop Contemporary and Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio.

Radio reaches over 90% of almost every demographic. So radio delivers a great audience for advertising.

Advertising themes that resonates with men include:

  • Car Themes
  • Sports Themes
  • High Energy/Action
  • Sexual Themes

Advertising themes that resonate with women include:

  • Sentimental Themes
  • Family Themes
  • Real Life Situations
  • Pets & Kids

Advertising themes that resonate with both men and women include:

  • Humor
  • Aspirational Themes
  • Value
  • Celebrity Endorsements

Radio advertising is a powerful way to convey the benefits of your business to your potential customers.

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radio advertising works for business


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