How to Run a Successful Radio Advertising Campaign

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19 May How to Run a Successful Radio Advertising Campaign

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With the widespread use of social media as an advertising tool, advertising on the radio might seem old fashioned. However, done right a radio campaign can be very effective. Here are some tips for running a successful radio advertising campaign.

Ad Frequency

Your potential customers need to hear your ad many times before the message sinks in. We all tend to “zone out” when commercials play on the radio. So, frequent air play is a must. Your ad should run multiple times a day if your advertising budget allows.

Target Audience

You should already know the demographics of your customer base. Do you know what radio stations they listen to? Make a list of radio stations in your area and then listen to the music they play. After doing that, decide which stations your target audience are most likely to listen to. If you run a skateboarding shop, chances are your customers don’t tune into the local easy listening station. If you’re not sure what radio stations your customers listen to, ask them. Do an informal survey as your customers check out.

Quality Production

Producing a radio commercial is simpler than producing a television commercial. Don’t let the ease of creating a radio spot lead you away from creating a quality production. First, a strong script is important since you don’t have visuals to grab the listener’s attention. Be sure the message is simple and clear. It can be funny, but avoid making it too cutesy. Second, great voice talent is also important. Many radio stations provide the voice talent or can give you a list of local talent. Finally, don’t overlook the jingle. A catchy tune is just the trick for getting the listener’s attention. If possible, match the jingle’s music genre to the format of the radio station that plays your commercial. Your radio ad with a country music jingle might not go over well with listeners of a hard rock station.

Ad Budget

Advertising is never cheap. That’s why radio is a great medium for small business advertising. While it’s not free, advertising on the radio is a lot less than advertising on television or other visual media. Most radio stations lower their rates if you buy extensive air time. Do your best to negotiate a cost effective deal on an ad bundle. Research shows that consumers must hear your ad a few times before they understand what your company is about. So, purchasing a lot of air time is a good long-term investment.

In most markets, ad rates are usually less expensive during the first and third quarters. Target those times to advertise if you don’t run a seasonal business for which you should advertise during the second and fourth quarters.


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