Selling 52 Week Schedules with Financial Features

26 Jan Selling 52 Week Schedules with Financial Features

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Like it or not, it’s tax time again. Hit the phones this week and get in front of as many tax specialists, financial planners, money managers and accounting firms as possible. The key to working with this business category is to propose long term schedules not just a quick six week flight. These professionals are in business 52 weeks a year and they’ll relate to your long term proposal. I am a business owner and schedule at least four sessions per year with my finance professionals.

Features like Tax Time, Let’s Talk Money & Taxes and a Morning Money Minute are great opportunities for your clients and the station as well. You should also have sponsorship opportunities for Real Estate, Mortgage Loans, IRA Managers and College Financing, too. These are important topics and deserve attention throughout the year not just in first quarter when you’re scrambling for new clients.

Make room on the program schedule for these features at 7:20 AM, 12 Noon, 5:55 PM, Midnight and Saturday & Sunday mornings. These are valuable prime spots that can generate high rate new dollars. Your audience will enjoy the information they hear on these fixed position features and the long term billing will come in handy long after April 15th.

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