Take advantage of the US Government’s massive investment program

22 Aug Take advantage of the US Government’s massive investment program

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The US Government has just launched a massive investment program to jump start the economy and the opportunities that await you are limitless. Health Care, Energy and Education are the three area’s where government spending will soar. You still have time to make contacts in your local government …

Start by calling on your local Police Department, Fire Department and Sanitation Department. In my hometown, the Police Department controls tons of marketing money under “Project Dare.” Any cash found in drug busts go directly into the Project Dare marketing program. The Fire Department runs safety seminars and has plenty of cash to spend from their partner “First Alert Smoke Detectors.” Our Sanitation Department airs four recruitment campaigns per year and our Downtown Development Association spends big bucks, too.

Identify the key players in your State and Local Health Departments, Energy Departments and Education Departments, too. Hospitals will be launching new initiatives, Alternative Energy/Recycling Programs will be flush with new marketing dollars and Education programs of every shape and size will have new found money to spend. Uncle Sam is ready to rumble and your invited to the party … The economic stimulus package from the new administration is going to offer many, many new opportunities to Radio/TV marketers.

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