Take Your Radio Advertising To Eleven

Turn it up to eleven!

28 Jul Take Your Radio Advertising To Eleven

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Take Your Radio Advertising To Eleven

If you’ve ever seen the movie This Is Spinal Tap, you’ve very familiar with the scene where Nigel Tufnel, guitarist, explains that the bands amps all go to eleven, one louder than all other amplifiers.

Well we’re going to show you how to turn your radio advertising campaign up to eleven.

Increase Your Commercial’s Frequency – You can really ramp up the effectiveness of you radio advertising campaign by increasing the frequency of the appearance of your commercials.

If you’re running a month long campaign, you can focus your commercials into just one or two day parts.  Focus on the day parts with the highest audience density like the morning and afternoon drive times.

Add A Jingle – By adding a jingle to your commercial you instantly make your commercial more memorable.

A jingle really helps your commercial stand out from all the other commercials that it will be playing with in the commercial block.  A memorable commercial is one that will have major impact and get you a great return on your investment in your radio advertising campaign.

Your Commercial’s Offer – When you run a radio advertising campaign you will have a lot more success when you make a specific offer.  Your offer should be something that truly benefits your prospective customer.  The offer should be super compelling so that it prompts a response from the listener.

Think about a special deal or a trial period kind of offer that a prospective customer can’t get anywhere else.  You really need to do something that makes you business stand out amongst all of your local competitors.

Keep It Simple – If you confuse ‘em, you’re gonna lose ‘em.

You’ve only got 30 or 60 seconds.  So make sure you have a clear and focused message.  Don’t try and cram a billion things into your limited time.  Make sure you pick an angle and focus on getting that message across.

Pick something that is easy to understand and really hammer that point home.  If you overload the listener they will tune your commercial out.  Don’t make them work to understand your message, because they won’t.

Be Real – People like to identify with the brands they like.  This applies to local businesses as well.  Even though you’re promoting your business, people want to connect with the business just like it’s a person.

Always be real.  Let your personality be the personality of your business.  It will help people make that connection and lead to more business.  If people feel like your commercial or business is putting it on, they will tune out.

Get Great Production Value – Usually the radio station will produce your commercial for you.  But it’s really up to you to make sure that the quality is acceptable.  The commercial represents your business so you need to protect that representation.

You can always ask for a specific announcer.  Often, the voice delivering your message can affect how that message is received.  If the articulation is clear and the announcer’s tone fits with the message you’re presenting, your commercial should have a great impact and get a great response.

Even announcers have bad days, if you happen to catch one of those bad days ask for the commercial to be re-done.  You need to ensure that the commercial sounds great.


You really have a very short amount of time to get your message across effectively so that people flock to your business.  These six points can help you ensure that your radio commercial is powerful and effective and sends your investment in radio advertising skyrocketing.

So turn it up to eleven!
Get a huge ROI on your radio advertising

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