Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – April 5th 2018 – Billy Bender

05 Apr Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – April 5th 2018 – Billy Bender

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Welcome to Throw Back Thursday’s Bonus Jingle – 04/05/2018

Each Thursday we will take a trip down memory lane and delve into our fantastic catalog of jingles to share with you some of the great experiences we’ve had hand crafting these jingles through the years.

The Jingle: Billy Bender

The Story: I made a sales call with my friend Joe C. a few years back to Billy Bender Chrysler in Cumberland, Maryland.

After playing a few of my favorite Chrysler jingles for the Dealer, he was warming up to the jingle idea.

I asked Joe and the Dealer how often they schedule flights. They told me they meet once a month and have been working this way for years. I told them it sounded like twelve torture sessions and there was a far better way for them to work together.

I suggested the Dealer let Joe make one annual sale rather than the tedious ordeal of negotiating 12 times per year. Their monthly sessions would now be focused on selling cars rather than Joe selling another month of advertising.

The Dealer looked at me, then looked at Joe and said, “In 30 years, a radio rep had never asked me for an annual agreement. It’s a smart idea. Sign me up, Joe and I’ll buy a jingle from you, Jim.”

Ask and you shall receive.

Here is the jingle for Billy Bender Chrysler!

Remember – Be Memorable

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