Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – February 1st 2018

01 Feb Throw Back Thursday Bonus Jingle – February 1st 2018

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Welcome to Throw Back Thursday’s Bonus Jingle – 02/01/2018

Each Thursday we will take a trip down memory lane and delve into our fantastic catalog of jingles to share with you some of the great experiences we’ve had hand crafting these jingles through the years.

The Jingle: Camacho Auto Sales

The Story: I was looking forward to traveling to Palmdale, California some years back.  Palmdale was the home base of my favorite recording artist Frank Zappa.  Frank spent time in Palmdale in his early years as a young aspiring doowop recording artist.  I checked out Zappa’s High School and his old neighborhood… enjoying the experience while soaking in the California sunshine.  Eventually, I stumble into Camacho Auto Sales while making cold calls.  Before I could ask if they had ever met Frank Zappa, they bought two jingles from me…one in English and one in Spanish.  Ricki Martin’s guitar player even dropped by to do some fine guitar work that would have made Zappa smile!

The rest is history.

Remember – Be Memorable

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