What Type Of Radio Commercial Would Work Best For My Business?

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23 Jul What Type Of Radio Commercial Would Work Best For My Business?

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When you think about radio commercials there are basically 5 types of commercials that you hear on the air.  How do you decide which will work best for your business?

Think about how you have or how you would like to position your company with your advertising.  There are pluses and minuses to each approach.

  1. The live read.  This is a commercial, which is read live on air by the DJ or announcer who is on the air when your commercial is scheduled to play.This approach plays off the popularity of the on air talent of the radio station.  You hope that this will influence the listeners a little more to pay attention to your commercial because their favorite DJ is reading it.

    This kind of commercial also has the added benefit of standing out from the pre-recorded commercials that will be playing on the station at the same time.

    On the down side, if the announcer doesn’t do a good job with your commercial, you just have to live with it since it’s live and there are no do overs.  While most announcers are professionals, everyone has a bad day every now and then.


  1. The sponsorship spot.  This commercial, is one is adjacent to a popular content segment like weather, traffic or horoscopes.  Since the content being sponsored is usually popular you reach a large audience but you will pay more for these commercials.You will also likely get additional mentions like “Traffic brought to you by ACME services the best in town.”  These mentions help reinforce your business’s name and positioning.
  1. The straight read.  This commercial is just what it sounds like.  It’s a straight read of your commercial ad copy.The straight read should focus on the benefits to the prospective customer that your business offers and how they can reach you.

    The copy should also contain your business name, address or phone number depending on whether or not you have a location that people can walk into and your slogan if you have one.


  1. The funny commercial.  This commercial is a bit riskier.  It’s very hard to create a commercial that many people will find funny.  On the upside, if you do nail it this one can be a real winner.  But in my opinion it’s best to avoid this one.


  1. The commercial with a jingle.  One way to really make your commercial memorable is to use a jingle.  A custom produced jingle can really elevate your commercial and make your business seem much more professional.The music in a jingle can really paint a very vibrant picture of your business in the listener’s mind.  They will really remember your commercial and your business when they can’t get your jingle out of their heads.  Think about how many times you’ve caught yourself humming along to a commercial jingle.  You just can’t help it.

    A jingle really helps your commercial stand out amongst the other commercials that will be played in the same block of time.  It’s a great differentiator for your business.


You have to decide which of these 5 radio commercial types will work best for your business.  Once you’ve made that decision you can move forward with you radio advertising campaign and really ramp up the amount of business you are doing.


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