Conduct a monthly Speakers Series for your clients and prospects

17 Dec Conduct a monthly Speakers Series for your clients and prospects

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Your Speakers Series can take place at your local Chamber Of Commerce, local conference center or even your stations board room. I’ve done meetings at the Kentucky Broadcasters Hall of Fame, a civil war era hotel in New York State and even a haunted restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Each month you feature a guest speaker like a tax accountant, web designer, fitness expert, time management specialists, etc. The key is to make sure your guest speakers offer useful information for local business owners. The goal is to have your current accounts and prospects coming back month after month to your Speakers Series.

Need a few more ideas for speakers? Computer tech to discuss wireless networking, Banker to discuss credit card processing, US Post Office rep to discuss shipping issues, Ad Specialties expert, and even your favorite jingle guy from New Jersey are all potential presenters for your Speakers Series.

This practice will surely position you as a sustaining resource to your accounts … offering them useful concepts to better their business and their lives. I urge you to run with this idea starting in January … Please call me if you need help kicking off your program!

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