Creating Brand Recognition Through Advertising Jingles

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16 May Creating Brand Recognition Through Advertising Jingles

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Businesses rely on advertising to drive sales. The key to successful advertising today lies in being able to reach the target audience. In today’s competitive marketplace, television and radio stations rely on advertising to subsidize their programming. The importance of advertising your business can’t be understated. In a 1989 essay in Musical QuarterlyDavid Huron discusses Music in Advertising. He suggests that the goal of every television network is successfully matching advertising needs with the proper media market. Media broadcasters think of their viewing audience as the true product, while the consumers are the real advertisers.


When you’re brainstorming about ways to advertise your business, consider the power of music and how a simple advertising jingle could become the foundation for a small business advertising plan that not only creates brand recognition, but turns into something so powerful people immediately associate a business with the jingle used in the ad.


Reasons to Use Music in Advertising Your Business


1. Entertainment Factor


Consider United Airlines. What does United Airlines have in common with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue? Today, and ever since United started using that music in their commercials, people have associated Rhapsody in Blue with United Airlines. A commercial that uses a huge orchestra and places an orchestra with musicians and their instruments on an airplane, not only entertains the audience; it grabs viewers’ attention.


2. Continuity and Structure


When music is used in an advertisement, it creates an uninterrupted background. Viewers don’t feel distracted because of scene changes. The industry calls this technique “the gravy train.” McDonald’s created a 29 second radio jingle in 1983 to introduce the Sausage McMuffin.


3. Memorability (You Can’t Forget It Factor)


When you are brainstorming to come up with small business advertising ideas, think back to the McDonald’s ad. Not only was it powerfully successful, it had a big enough impact people remember it more than 30 years later. The most successful jingles of all times have all been incredibly memorable.




  • “Everyone Knows its Slinky” was a commercial staple from the 1960’s to the 1970’s. The tune was so recognizable that kids would sing the jingle, unable to get it out of their heads.







McDonald’s combined lyrical language and an effective tune to create “You Deserve a Break Today.” The company began using the words and melody in the early 1970’s, and continued to use it through the mid 1980’s. Over the years, they used that jingle with commercials that added other tunes and words, but the one thing that never changed was that one line jingle.


Each of these famous jingles connected with their target audience. They were so successful at reaching their intended audience people who grew up with these commercials remember them well enough to sing them today. That’s because their jingles were so psychologically powerful that they get stuck in people’s heads.


If you want to advertise your business successfully, you need a simple jingle that connects with your target audience, forcing them to remember the tune, the words and your company’s name. Let American Music Concepts create a jingle that people will identify with your company, giving your business brand recognition. Don’t wait any longer! Call American Music Concepts, today.


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