Smart Radio ROI Calculator

20 Aug Smart Radio ROI Calculator

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Last week was a wild one with investments on everyone’s mind. This is a great time to share a tip that you will love and it will make you lots of money to invest!

Click on the link and it’s going to lead you to an amazing sales tool you can download and place right on your desktop. It’s the Smart Radio ROI Calculator.  You won’t believe how great this works.

Let’s say you’re asking a Furniture Store prospect to invest $12,000 per year. Just type in the proposal price and then start filling in the blanks …average sale, profit margin, markup, average cost, closing ratio’s, etc … like magic the Calculator tells you how many prospects you’ll need to generate to justify the client’s investment. You’ll be talking the language of retail and the client will think you’re a genius.

I hope you have a good investment banker! After a few weeks of using this tool, you’ll need one to help you invest all your commissions.

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