Spec Spots – The key to more new clients in 2010

17 Dec Spec Spots – The key to more new clients in 2010

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Selling with spec spots is the most valuable weapon in your war chest and probably the tool you use the least. Every week I travel around the country and discuss spec spots with sales managers and they all say the same thing … “Jingle Jim, you’re right. Spec spots are very helpful. We need to get back to doing more of them.”

Here’s a very direct question that only you can answer. How many spec spots did you present in November? My best guess would be zero … Am I right? Be honest with yourself … If your answer was zero, you are working at a severe disadvantage.

The best way to present a spec spot is with a two minute air check … Come out of a great song, read time and temperature and then the prospects spec spot plays. Immediately hit a station ID package and go right into another great song. Sell the sizzle of the station wrapped around the spec spot and it will sound just like it will on the radio. Hand the client the script and a red pen, and ask him to make any changes he feels are necessary. When the prospect starts making revisions, he’s on the way to being your next new client.

Present spec spots to every prospect you come in contact with and watch your sales soar in 2010.

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