Use the internet to make more radio ad sales

22 Aug Use the internet to make more radio ad sales

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I have met some very enterprising Account Executives through my travels and there’s a movement now that I thought you should consider. Radio/TV reps all over the country are marketing their services on social networking sites like LinkedIn.Com, Facebook.Com, Twitter.Com, Ziggs.Com, and Ryze.Com.

Here’s a brief overview of each site:

LinkedIn.Com … Professionals in every business category are signing up at a pace of one per second, according to the company. The network is 41 million people strong … not a bad place to park some presence on the internet for your Radio/TV Station services.

Facebook.Com … You can connect with colleagues, spread your brand reputation, send mass messages or just keep your clients up-to-date on station opportunities. Post client copy, produced spots … even Podcasts from your favorite clients.

Twitter.Com … This micro-blogging service is about brevity. Postings are 140 characters or less letting clients and prospects know what the latest opportunities are at the station.

Ziggs.Com … Radio/TV reps are using this site to market themselves and managing their online brand. Ziggs can tell the location, time and keywords used when people Google you and help increase your presence in search-engine results.

Ryze.Com … Business professionals like station GM’s, SM’s and AE’s can create business connections, find jobs, makes sales or join smaller networks based on specific interests, industries or location. This site is perfect for promoting your First Time Home Buying Seminars, your stations Monthly Business Breakfast or your HR Development Program.

These cutting edge on-line marketing tools are all available free of charge and can add so much to your professional career development. Check them all out and see which ones meet your needs … I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

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